you're a sky full of stars
Melissa. Twenty-two. Canada eh?

Tea, books and breezy falls days

"He may have gone through the fires of hell, but the fires have illumed the world for him.
However desolate his situation, a man is richer for truth;
and with all of his regrets, with the pain still upon him, he knows he is richer."
– Walter Kerr

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Adamlambert: Thanks @chriscolfer @thecharlbrown @matthewstephensmith ! Nominating @DrBrianMay @OfficialRMT and @RuTTaylor1 

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One Tree Hill cast accept their ALS ice bucket challenges. (Part 1/?)

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Temisas supermoon  / by Manuel M. Almeida 
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circular (couldn´t resist, hand held)
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Supermoon in Budapest
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Of course I took a picture of the supermoon.

But I was like, hurt, bro. I feel like my wife just cheated on me. (x)

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This is quite possibly the only thing that could get me to reblog the royal family.

I choked on my water you monster!

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